Lasik Treatment In Chandigarh

LASIK (Laser assisted in situ keratomileusis) LASIK nowadays is the most common laser procedure for refractive error correction. It is used to treat myopia (near-sightedness), hyperopia (far-sightedness) and astigmatism. In this procedure the cornea is reshaped which enables proper light focusing onto retina& helps in clear vision.

  1. Q) How is LASIK Surgery Performed ?

Mostly, LASIK is pain-free and takes around 20-30 minutes for the procedure to complete. First, a thin circular “flap” is created in cornea with a microkeratome or with Femtosecond Laser. Then the flap is lifted to remove underlying tissue (stroma) using excimer laser. For myopia, the cornea is flattened & for hyperopia, it is made steeper. It can also correct astigmatism by making the irregular cornea smoother.

  1. Q) BEFORE LASIK Surgery

Laser surgery is mostly done under topical anaesthesia given by eye drops & no stitches are required. The doctor performs full eye examination to confirm if one is fit for the surgery. The shape, thickness of cornea is evaluated, pupil size & refractive error is recorded. The moistness of eyes is recorded for any signs of DRY EYE which will help to take adequate treatment to reduce risk of DRY EYE AFTER LASIK. The curvature of cornea (TOPOGRAPHY) is measured by PENTACAM at our centre. One needs to stop wearing CONTACT LENSES for the time advised by the treating doctor, before the LASIK procedure.

  1. Q) What can one Expect during surgery ?

The topical anaesthetic drops are instilled to prevent any sort of discomfort, pain during surgery. The eye is positioned under laser & lid-speculum is used to keep the eyelid open. An ink-marker may be used by surgeon to mark cornea for creating the flap. A suction ring is used to prevent eye-movements or break in contact. After flap, the computer-adjusted Excimer laser is used which painlessly reshapes the cornea. One can hear a clicking sound while the laser is operating.

  1. Q) Immediately After LASIK ?

After the surgery is completed, patient may feel burning/ itching sensation just after the procedure which is temporary & is advised to rest in the post-op room for a few mins. After the procedure one cannot drive his/her own vehicle till the surgeon sees the patient the next day & vision fit for driving is confirmed. Some blurry/hazy vision can be expected after surgery but clears in a few days. One can go to work after resting for a few days as advised by the doctor. One should avoid heavy strenuous work for 7-10 days. One may still need to wear glasses/contact lenses after laser correction, but the prescription is much lower than before. Anti-reflective & photochromic lenses can also be used to improve vision post-laser.

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